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Technology Resources Company- Provider of specialized Industrial, oil, petrochemical, energy and business related Services

Technology Resources Company TRC is a well established Kuwaiti company in the field of procurement, trading, specialized contracting, specialized training services and consultancy. TRC is managed by a group of experts and well experienced Kuwaiti nationals.

The work of TRC can very well be understood by the name of the company 'Technology Resources Company' which means sourcing, providing and sharing the expertise knowledge, experience, unique products and unique services to the Kuwaiti technical, industrial, oil, petrochemeical, energy and commercial sectors.

TRC is representing several international companies of high caliber to provide their complete support to oil, petroleum, petrochemical, energy and heavy industries in Kuwait. This is in addition to the unique and specialized training services TRC provide for the Business & Industrial sector.

Professionalism, Quality, and complete customer satisfaction are the pillars for the success of

In general we do not provide solutions to problems but see that problem does not happen at all



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